Nov 29, 2011

Raven rocks Trail (Blumont)

Did a mini hike in the Raven rock trail that is located near Blumont -about 43 mi form our place. Bharathi & Karthik took us to this trail that joins the famous Appalacian Trail; we didn't make it to the destination as the trail was not 'very clear' with all the dry leaves around, and no sight of the trail blazes on the trees. We returned after touching the Bears Den Trail center -a small lodging facility built on the mountain for the use of Appalacian Trail hikers.
At the hiking start point, we saw 7-8 guys standing, holding a large size binacular-like thing. When Dee asked them what they were looking at, one of them enthusiastically replied that they were watching the migrating eagles, as it was the season for migration. When we watched at the sky, the sky was clear, and we didn't see any bird; but those guys were waiting as if a miracle was going to unfold right in front of their eyes! One of them explained to Dee to watch the eagles from the top after we reach the hiking destination. (As we returned to the spot after 3 hrs, they were still looking at the sky -which was still 'clear' to our eyes!)

Was wondering what kind of hobbies some people have in this country (and spend time & effort on such hobbies so religiously!)

Lewis Falls Trail @Shenendoah

If you are in Virginia, and are interested in venturing into 'the Nature', you will hit at Shenendoah National Park sooner or later.

Got this opportunity to hike the Lewis Falls Trails in Shenondoah National Park (located near Big Meadows camping area) with my office colleagues in November. Though the trail was short (5.3 km; 3.3 mi), it gave me an aooportunity to hike through the most popular trail in Virginia -the Appalacian Trail -that runs through the Shenendoah National Park and extends for more than 3,500 kms in the whole of Northern side of USA. The best thing about the trail is that there are blazes -white colored square marks of 50 x 75 mm (app). size - painted on the trees on the trail at every 100m or so. Helps one gain confidence that one stays 'on track'.

As we reached the Lewis Falls, I had this feeling strike me again -that there would hardly be a match to the great Courtallam falls in Tamilnadu! None of the falls that I've seen in Japan/USA comes even close to the Courtallam falls! You call it magnanimous, gigantic, mammooth, stupendous, enormous..... it all perfectly fits Courtallam falls. Compared to that, even the popular falls in Japan/USA would seem miniature (except perhaps the Niagra). I've seen Nachi Taki, Tendaki and the one near Mt.Fuji (Oito falls?).... they all look 'sick'.

Should do a long hike in Shenondoah national Park sometime in the near future.

Halloween @ Chipotle!

Oct-31 was halloween day -never thought that high school girls would go for the chocolate collection; but as Madhu  & her school friends wanted to go to a community near their school, we took them in our car -only to see a number of teenagers in the 'trick-or-treat'ing spree!

Chipotle -the popular Mexican chain restaurant -quite famous among teenagers in particular- had priced every item just $2 (regular $7-8) for those who were in halloween costume. Madhu & her friends got their favorite 'wraps' for $2, but the Chipotle staff would not give me & Deepika the special price, as we were not dressed for the day. When Dee was about to pay the regular price, a friend of Madhu intervened and asked her to go to a nearby costume shop and have her face painted with dots here & there quickly. Being hallowen day, the mall was open even at night 10pm, and all the shops were busy with customers. And thus Dee became a halloween woman that day.....(thanks to Chipotle)!