Dec 11, 2011

வாய்மையே (சில சமயம்) வெல்லும்

(The subject title is a Sujatha novel. Some high profile court cases that I happened to read made me recall that title): Blagojewich was IL state Governor re-elected for the 2nd time, when he faced corruption charges in Y2009. Crime? Attempted to sell the senate seat vacated by the then President-elect Obama for personal gain! He got removed from the Governor post, and recently, a court has sent him to 14 years in prison (and denied him a public post for the rest of his life). In India situation is different. 'Kani akka' set a record of being the first CM's family member ever having spent 6 months in prison on corruption charges. (Raja is a 'gone case', being a political orphan!)

Michael Jackson's doctor got 4-yr in prison following conviction in a case that found him guilty of causing MJ's death due to his 'negligence'. Never thought that a doctor could go to jail if his/her patient dies! Indian doctors are lucky -as this is not going to happen ever in India, thanks to our overwhelming belief in fate! Even in the recent Calcutta hospital fire that killed 90 patients, not a single guy would get punished -let alone the 7 direcors of the hospital who were arrested just to cool down the emotions of the angered public.

Raj Rajrathnam was a Srilankan that made milions in US running a mutual fund managing company; he was arrested. Crime? 'Insider trading' -which is trading a company's stocks by gaining access to the company's confidential, non-public information. Compared to what the 'poor' Harshad Metha did, this may sound 'ju-ju-bee'; yet, Rajrathnam was sentenced to 11 yrs in prison, in addition to a $92 million cost penalty.

Read in a Tamil magazine the case (2 yrs ago) of Anand Jon -KJ Jesudas' close relative- who became a successful fashion designer, a multi-millionaire in USA designing costumes for celebrities at an young age- who was arrested on charges of misusing his position to lure young girls who aspired to be models, and got them laid. Verdict? This 35 yr old guy has to spend 59 years in prison! (And he is still facing similar charges of 'assaulting minor girls' in New York!).

It 's good to see justice prevail, at least sometimes, in some cases, at some part of the world (and for some reasons)!


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