Dec 13, 2011

Little Bennett Park trail

Opted to hike in Little Bennett Park (12/10), which the hike leader had referred to as 'being so clsoe to Dc yet not known to many', expecting to see a 'typical park' that I had in my mind. Ooooops....this park was also like the other 'National Parks' that run thousands of sq miles, full of densely wooded forests and mountain. 'Park' does not necessarily mean 'poonga' in Tamil, it seems! The 8 mi hike was done in less than 3 hrs -as it was mostly on plains, and it had very few uphills. Saw a couple of guys riding horses on the trail -before I took the camera out, they disappeared.

This was my 2nd hike with the members of the 'Capital Hiking Club'. Apparently, DC has about a dozen local hiking clubs that are active, organized and which regularly schedule hikes picking up hikers in charted bus at designated places. (I knew of small hiking clubs in Japan; had hiked once with a group in Kyoto, introduced by Britto).


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